tisdag 27 januari 2009

@ school

So, im at school as usually. :/

Har nyss haft filosofi, har skrivit klart hela mitt arbete som ja skulle göra, undrar hur det går för Finn :) Hoppas han blir klar innan nästa tisdag så vi kan redovisa :P

Well, Toddy wants me to write on english, to bad for him that i dont have anything to write about ;) haha sry toddy :p

Soon its time for me to meet Maggan on H&M... dunno what we're suppose to do but i really wanted to meet her today, havent seen her in 1 month or somethin...
When i get back home i guess i only gonna play bots and watch a movie.. like always ^^ haha

Cant wait until friday is here :D Then my honey Johan comes to me :D I miss him soo much, was TOO alone in the bed tonight :'( Miss him holding me in his arms, hope he feels the same :)

Well now im gonna go... ttyl!!!

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