onsdag 29 april 2009

Bye bye

So, now im closing this blog, ive made a new on blogg.se


tisdag 7 april 2009

Long day!

Today its has been a really busy, long and boring day :P
I woke up this morning very early next to mine and only Johan :) Im going to school, have to say goodbye to my hun :'(
When im at the bus, i just remembered that i had a homework for today, and i forgot to do it, sry Linda (my teacher).
Well, me and Bea ate on Subway today, cuz the food in school was so disgusting! At "FEK" we were having a test, i think i did pretty good on that one even if i hadnt study anything :)

When i got home, i was starting to think about buying a new laptop, but i dont know what kind of laptop i want, well almost, but im not 100% sure yet, but i think Johan will talk me in to one of those few i want :P

Tonight ive been spending my whole night infront of the computer, playing BOTS, YES i know its boring AND everybody knows that i hate it, but i play for Johan because he wants to win this month.. Well, soon im off to bed, have to get all the sleep i can before another boring day at SCHOOL.

If someone has a problem with that im writing on english, just leave an annotation/commentary and let me know everything :) Well now im off to bed, cya <3

måndag 30 mars 2009

Update at school...

Now im sitting at school, waiting for the bus that will take me home :D
Tomorrow i'll start to play bots AGAIN but only for a month :P haha
So, i dont have anything more to say... ttyl

torsdag 26 mars 2009

Update for once :P

Havent done so much this week... Started to make a new webbsite, and i like it very much :)
Tomorrow its Friday :D Then i will hold Johan in my arms again :D Dont have so much to write right now.. Soon im going to go and make some lunch, havent ate anything today.. later i might watch some Eureka, its a really good serie :D

Well then, i guess i just write later or tomorrow or something :P

torsdag 19 mars 2009

Still at school :/

Im still at school and it sucks very much :P haha

Bea is here, thats good :P or else I think I wouldnt stay here :P haha
Nothing much to say at all... Hope that I have more to write later :P

Goodmorning every1 :)

Dunno what to say, yesterday I hurted myself very badly, it hurts so much when Im sitting :( Well well, I dont have so much to say more.. I cant wait until tomorrow because then Im going to BTK and I can hold Johan in my arms again :)
I hope he miss me :] haha

Well then, dont have anything more to say.. I maybe write when I get home from school :)

tisdag 17 mars 2009

Boring day

Today wasnt so fun afterall... when i were at school i thought that i had fun but i didnt :/ I was really sad, my thoughts about this is just getting worse... from now when i look at u i will only see the worse side of u, im sry but i cant help it.. the things u told me today made me feel very confused... i could never guess that was true about u...

well then.. the day were only good and fun cuz Bea was there :) at lunch me and Bea went to Beach Street Tattoo, i talked with Krister (Krille) about my tattoo, im going to make my tattoo on my birthday :)

When i got home (really late) then my sister was making the dinner :) It was a very nice dinner she made :) Thank u Erika :D
After the dinner i went to my room, logged on msn and talked with my lovely Johan <3 ive been missing him so much today, i cant explain it, i even skiped a program at tv that i was going to watch with my sister, just because i wanted to talk with Johan... Hun, i miss you <33 couldnt sleep last night, had a headache and it was too much space in my bed cuz Johan wasnt there :'(

Tomorrow i have a test in athletics, i think ill pass :P
On Friday i have a test in german, i hope i make it better this time :P haha
On Friday, after the test, im going to hurry as much as i can to get on the bus to BTK where's my Johan is waiting for me :)

I think it's time to go to bed now... im going up early tomorrow for a shower before school... feels very weird cuz i never shower in the mornings, only before i go to bed ^^ (weird)

Well then.. goodnight every1!!!!!

måndag 16 mars 2009

No comments

Haven't done so much today, been in school, made some english stuff and some other boring school stuff that everyone knows ^^ Soon its time to go home, finally, but still, i miss Johan so much :( And it has only been a few hours sence i met him, but afterall i said goodbye then :( Its going to be a whole week until i can hold him again :'( doesnt feel so good :(

Well well, now im gonna try to be a good girl and study :P ttyl :)

torsdag 12 mars 2009

No comments

Haven't been here for a while now.. Hope I'll be better to update, but that's shit everyone has to take ;) I dunno what to write.. Maybe that i failed on my test today cuz the internet wasn't working for me thanks to a teacher. I don't have anything to write anymore.. I might update later...

söndag 22 februari 2009

Skola imorn

I helgen har jag och johan inte gjort nå mycke alls, sutte hemma typ.. :P i fredas festade vi loss :P Robin, challe, simon o nå andra kom hit :P sen så for vi till Fanny och va där ett tag o festa, sen drog vi hem igen... Jobbig natt men man kan inte klaga, det har ju faktiskt varit värre nåra ggr ;) Ja somnade väldigt fort men när jag vaknade så upptäckte jag att jag hade somnat på johans sida av sängen, men nere på golvet mot elementet... ajaj, inte bra ^^ Men ja gick ju såklart och la mej i sängen när ja upptäckte på vilken sida och vars ja var i sovrummet ^^ På morgonen vid halv 10 kom challe och väckte mej, hon va då pigg som faaaan, men inte ja ^^ Ja försökte verkligen vara så social som möjligt tills hon skulle fara, men jag kanske inte lyckades så bra eftersom att det kändes som om ja va en ZOMBIE XD haha, förlåt challe om ja va som en sådan ^^

Idag så har jag och johan varit och kört på "isbanan" som vi alla kallar det, fast det är ju en "äng"/"läggda" eller hur man ska skriva ^^ Det va faktiskt kul fast det var några diken här och där som man körde över ^^

Nu ska jag och johan springa över på macken och köpa oss varsin dricka.. sen blire nog The Legend Of The Seeker, nog för att jag hade hoppats på att få spela litte... men man kan väl inte få allt man vill? ;) elr? ^^

ajaa, skriver kanske imorn om de händer nå skojjit... btw,, skola imorn, FUCK SÅ TRÅKIGT :P men ja ha då gjort ALLA läxorna ^^ Ja har faktiskt varit duktig om det är svårt att tro ;)