tisdag 17 mars 2009

Boring day

Today wasnt so fun afterall... when i were at school i thought that i had fun but i didnt :/ I was really sad, my thoughts about this is just getting worse... from now when i look at u i will only see the worse side of u, im sry but i cant help it.. the things u told me today made me feel very confused... i could never guess that was true about u...

well then.. the day were only good and fun cuz Bea was there :) at lunch me and Bea went to Beach Street Tattoo, i talked with Krister (Krille) about my tattoo, im going to make my tattoo on my birthday :)

When i got home (really late) then my sister was making the dinner :) It was a very nice dinner she made :) Thank u Erika :D
After the dinner i went to my room, logged on msn and talked with my lovely Johan <3 ive been missing him so much today, i cant explain it, i even skiped a program at tv that i was going to watch with my sister, just because i wanted to talk with Johan... Hun, i miss you <33 couldnt sleep last night, had a headache and it was too much space in my bed cuz Johan wasnt there :'(

Tomorrow i have a test in athletics, i think ill pass :P
On Friday i have a test in german, i hope i make it better this time :P haha
On Friday, after the test, im going to hurry as much as i can to get on the bus to BTK where's my Johan is waiting for me :)

I think it's time to go to bed now... im going up early tomorrow for a shower before school... feels very weird cuz i never shower in the mornings, only before i go to bed ^^ (weird)

Well then.. goodnight every1!!!!!

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Erika sa...

Haha thanks :)