tisdag 7 april 2009

Long day!

Today its has been a really busy, long and boring day :P
I woke up this morning very early next to mine and only Johan :) Im going to school, have to say goodbye to my hun :'(
When im at the bus, i just remembered that i had a homework for today, and i forgot to do it, sry Linda (my teacher).
Well, me and Bea ate on Subway today, cuz the food in school was so disgusting! At "FEK" we were having a test, i think i did pretty good on that one even if i hadnt study anything :)

When i got home, i was starting to think about buying a new laptop, but i dont know what kind of laptop i want, well almost, but im not 100% sure yet, but i think Johan will talk me in to one of those few i want :P

Tonight ive been spending my whole night infront of the computer, playing BOTS, YES i know its boring AND everybody knows that i hate it, but i play for Johan because he wants to win this month.. Well, soon im off to bed, have to get all the sleep i can before another boring day at SCHOOL.

If someone has a problem with that im writing on english, just leave an annotation/commentary and let me know everything :) Well now im off to bed, cya <3

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